Chatting Up the Greater Lowell Music Theatre

Kendall Wallace of the Sun kindly mentioned in today’s Saturday Chat column the progress being made by the Greater Lowell Music Theatre, another piece of Lowell’s creative-economy puzzle that has been put in place. There are audience niches yet to fill, as the GLMT experience demonstrates: 1,200 people in two nights at Durgin Concert Hall at UMass Lowell. (Another niche could be filled by classical, folk, blues, jazz, and world music artists alternated with films, talks, and live literature in a high-end performance hall with about 500 seats at Smith Baker Center, part of a community arts center there.)

The arts and heritage activities not only brighten the soul of the city, but also keep more arts and entertainment dollars circulating in Lowell. The productions offer important performing opportunities for those with the talent, experience, and passion to earn a place on stage.

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