Red Sox, First Half

The game today is in the bottom of the tenth inning in Oakland. No matter how today’s contest turns out, the Red Sox have had a productive first half of the season. Few of us in Red Sox Nation expected them to be in such a strong position at the All Star break. I noticed the Emperor of Red Sox Nation, complete with cape, was in the stands this afternoon. It’s a beautiful afternoon in California. If one player symbolizes the Red Sox this year, it is Dustin Pedroia. He gives everything he’s got each day. This squad looks like a pick-up team many days, but the manager and front office have put together a team that moves forward as a unit. Different guys contribute, nobody carries the team—although David Ortiz does a lot of heavy lifting. Anyway, take a breather after today’s game. (Nice play just now with one of the A’s thrown out trying to steal third in the bottom of the tenth.) Not a smart move. On to the eleventh. July-August-September: a bunch of baseball games to go. It’s hot. The Sox are in the hunt. High summer.

Dustin Pedroia (web photo courtesy of