“Lost Child: Sayon’s Journey”

Sayon Soeun, Sopheap Theam & Janet Gardner

Last evening was the Lowell premiere of “Lost Child: Sayon’s Journey”, a documentary about Sayon Soeun who at a very young age was forced to serve as a Khmer Rouge soldier. The film follows Sayon, who has lived in Lowell since the early 1990s, as he returns to Cambodia in search of the family he last saw when he was taken by the Khmer Rouge. The film is excellently done, emotional, and quite revealing about another aspect of the experience of many of our neighbors here in Lowell. Everyone who lives in this city should see it.

More information about the film is available here and information about Light of Cambodian Children, the non-profit organization with which Sayon is affiliated, is available here.

One Response to “Lost Child: Sayon’s Journey”

  1. Daniel Patrick Murphy says:

    A Cambodian Girl’s Lesson

    My Cambodian student’s father
    Lost his hands, legs, and head.
    Who knows what else?

    I do know cargo
    That floats,
    And hurts

    My blue eyes
    When I have to look
    Into her dark eyes

    That cannot look back.
    My eyes flood
    The green valleys.

    I bite my lip and lecture
    About the past tense.

    –Daniel Patrick Murphy