Tom Dempsey, NFL Legend and Former Lowell Giants Star

Record-setting NFL kicker Tom Dempsey played rough and tough in his football days, including a stint with the semi-pro Lowell Giants whose home for a few years was Cawley Stadium. The NYTimes reports that 66-year-0ld Dempsey is suffering from dementia, which may be linked to the hard knocks he took and gave on the field. I remember that he was a substitute teacher in the Dracut schools while he was in the area.

Here’s some background on the Atlantic Football League in which the Lowell Giants played in the late 1960s and early ’70s.

Read the article about Tom Dempsey here, and get the NYT if you want more of this kind of reporting.

5 Responses to Tom Dempsey, NFL Legend and Former Lowell Giants Star

  1. Marty Lorrey says:

    Very nice article on a long forgotten (or so it seems) football team in Lowell. I remember going to many of the games with my father back in the 60’s. Tom Dempsey was always fun to watch in warm-ups as his kicks would usually end up well into the stands in the end zones. I always thought the club was a minor league club for the Green Bay Packers as they used the same helmets. Thanks again for a great memory from my early years.

  2. PaulM says:

    Marty: Dempsey was part of Green Bay’s organization, as mentioned in the article. The Lowell Giants, according to one source on the web, were affiliated with the “Boston Patriots” at some point. Glad the posting hit home for you.

  3. Josh p says:

    My grandfather broke his pinky retrieving kicks for Dempsey during warm-ups at Cawley. It was one of his favorite stories. Cheers!

  4. Dan M says:

    “Coach Dempsey” is still well remembered by his players as an Assistant Line Coach at Dracut High School, especially if you had to stay with him after practice!!!!