An Update: Patrick Keely Designed Church Reopens

As a follow-up to my earlier post on a Patrick Keely-designed church that was saved – unlike Lowell’s St. Peter’s Church – here’s a link to a New York Times article about the re-opend St. Brigid’s Church in New York’s Lower East Side ~

History lived in that sacred space. Immigrant families found faith, foundation and solace within Keely’s inspired design.  As writer Frances Robles notes in her opening:

For more than 160 years, St. Brigid’s Roman Catholic Church has borne witness as transformation after transformation has cascaded through the Lower East Side.

A look at the restored interior of St. Brigid’s as Cardinal Dolan consecrates the altar:

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan consecrated and dedicated St. Brigid’s Roman Catholic Church, on Avenue B and Eighth Street, on Sunday. (Photo: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times