Happy Birthday to Richard P. Howe Sr.

Richard P Howe Sr – 1965 campaign photo

Congratulations to my dad, Richard P. Howe Sr., who celebrates his 80th birthday today. Elected to the Lowell City Council in 1965 (photo above), he served twenty consecutive terms for a total of 40 years (January 1966 to January 2006). He did not seek re-election in 2005 so his final council campaign was in 2003 (photo below). Along the way, he served four terms as mayor of Lowell (1970, 1988, 1990 and 1994) and maintained an active law practice in Kearney Square which, after his retirement two years ago, continues to be operated by his daughter Martha.

Feel free to add your birthday wishes in the comment section. For bonus points, what other Lowell political figure shares a birthday today with my dad? (Marie S is ineligible).

Richard P. Howe Sr – 2003 campaign photo

13 Responses to Happy Birthday to Richard P. Howe Sr.

  1. Marie says:

    Happy Birthday to Dick Howe, Sr!. Bill and I were colleagues of Dick’s at Lowell High School back in the mid-1960s and supported him in his first campaign for City Council in 1965. A little known fact – Dick was very active in the teachers union back in thoise days! His support for both public school education – especially in those important days in the 1980s – and for Catholic school secondary education is an important mark in his life. We wish him well. BTW – today’s NOT Marty Meehan’s birthday – Marty was born on December 30, 1956!

  2. PaulM says:

    ‘Birthday Poem for 80’
    All best wishes to the four-time mayor
    who was a splendid baseball player.

  3. Jen Myers says:

    Happy Birthday Mayor Howe! As Marie points out, the Chancellor’s birthday is December 30 . . . as is School Committee member Jim Leary.

  4. Marian Q. says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Howe !

    Dick Jr., did you know your dad lived next door to me on Stevens Street many, many moons ago when I was a baby ? That was how my family came to know your dad and supported him in all of his elections. My mother and dad always spoke highly of your dad and over the years your dad was helpful and kind to us. Your father is a great man of principal as is your whole family.

  5. Barry Pretzel, Esq. says:

    About 20 years ago, you were Lowell’s mayor and I was the news director at WCAP radio where we shared many on-air interviews. My fellow reporters and I remember you as one of the few honest politicians we had ever known – a civic leader who truly held the interest of his constituents first.

    Then came the time for me to leave the radio business and I decided to start a second career in law. You wrote a very kind letter of recommendation that helped get me into law school. Now I’m in Maine, where I’m usually the last, best hope for my criminal clients. I hope you would be as proud of your part in my career as I am honored to have known you. Happy birthday, Dick.

  6. Margo Sargent Simkin says:

    Happy Birthday, Dick!
    Thank you for all of your years of service to the city of Lowell and for all the kindness you
    have shown to my dad, the late Frank Sargent, and to my family. I will always remember your speaking at the dediction of my parents memorial on Lincoln Parkway and the respect and admiration you gave to my father for his love of Lowell, sports, and all of the people of Lowell as well.
    You have an incredibly wonderful family and we are blessed to have you as a friend.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Dennis Boland says:

    Happy Birthday ,Dick….Loves the way you did things for the city….I loves you on tuesday nite at the meeting….You were number one in what you believe in for the city of lowell…..Justed wanted to say Thank You…..Happy Birthday ……

  8. Carol says:

    Happy Birthday brother – it’s been a wonderful ride. Loved your politics – wasn’t always easy – loved the sports – you were the best. Let’s go for another eighty.

  9. Joe S says:

    Happy Birthday, Dick. Thanks for all the good work you did on behalf of the City, including saving Cross Point, getting a favorable settlement to the school desegration challenge and helping get the Spinners to locate in Lowell, among many others in your 40 years of service.

  10. Kathy and sam says:

    Dear Dick,

    Sam and I want to wish you the very best day ever. I promise that I won’t let Carol talk me into giving you a roll of stamps for use at the office.

    Hats off to you too, Mary.

    Love, Kathy and Sam