St Patrick’s School needs a new roof

Dave McKean, keeper of the Lowell Irish blog and a graduate of St Patrick’s School in Lowell, recently paid a visit and learned that besides all the other things needed by this inner-city school that does great work, the facility is in need of a new roof. The sisters who operate the school have set out to raise the funds necessary for the task as Dave explains in a recent blog post. Now is the time of year when many of us feel most generous, so consider sending a check to St. Patrick’s School. Here’s some of what Dave wrote:

In the middle of our chat Sister said, “I need a roof.” The new school is not so new anymore. The roof leaks, literally. So on top of all she does she needs to raise money for a roof. We try to give back when we can. I know many alumni and people who share the mission of the school do what they can. I am humbly and earnestly asking that if any readers, in this season of giving, feel called to help out. Please do so. She needs your help. They need your help. If you can please do what you can now. Their need is immediate. I feel like Bing Crosby in The Bells of Saint Mary’s. If you can’t give, offer a prayer. You can contact Sister Joanne at St. Patrick School 311 Adams St. Lowell, MA 01854. Or take a look at their website