Lowell and the Battle of Galveston

The Lowell Historical Society forwarded an email that was addressed to me from some folks who have made a great video from a Civil War era photo album depicting many Lowell residents. The pictures are amazing and, as a bonus, we learn something about the Battle of Galveston which I confess not knowing much about. Immediately below is the contents of the email and at the bottom is the YouTube video. Please check it out.

Hi Mr Howe

2nd Lt Benjamin Franklin Bartlett served in the 42nd Regiment Company I during the Civil War. He was from Lowell. We have his photo album with all his friends and family pictures that lived in Lowell. His wife worked in the mills and we have pictures of the Mill Girls. One of his friends was Dr Josiah Curtis,
MD and his wife. We have their pictures. He was an early member of the American Medical Association and wrote about working and living conditions in Lowell.
Also, in the video is Ebenezer Nimrod Bartlett and his wife. They lived in Lowell & Dracut and he was a carpenter in Dracut. He served in the 6th Light Artillery Battery from Lowell. He died in 1864 in the Battle of New Orleans along with his 15 year old son Nimrod Bartlett.

We put together a video using all the pictures from Benjamin Franklin Bartlett’s photo album from the Civil War for a 150th year tribute of the Battle of Galveston, which he fought in. He died as a prisoner of war in 1863.

We thought you would like to see all his family and friends. It is on YouTube www.YouTube.Com/JohnstonLeonard The video is called Civil War the Battle of Galveston.
We come from Lowell and grew up there and we thought this 150th anniversary of the Civil War would be interesting.

Pamela & Michael Caliandro
Josiah Curtis, “Health Conditions in Massachusetts”,