Editorial Watch ~ the swift boats are coming!

For some unknown reason our copy of the Sun Sunday “Focus – Opinion & Commentary” continues to hit the driveway on Fridays in a early arrival. So here’s a heads-up! The Lowell Sun joins the GOP with an editorial “swift-boating” of U. N.  Ambassador Susan Rice this coming Sunday. She is – the editorial declares – “damaged goods.”  It’s no surprise that the President gets his share of rough shodding as well. While no mention is made of  Senator John Kerry and his prospects for Secretary of State, the editorial jaws must be salivating over the possibility of having Scott Brown to laud over for another electoral outing! No links yet available.

4 Responses to Editorial Watch ~ the swift boats are coming!

  1. kad barma says:

    I think someone needs to adjust their tin foil hat. “Swift Boating”? Hardly.

    Legitimate questions remain unanswered. No, the obsession with Susan isn’t exactly getting to the right point of responsibility, but it’s not mischaracterizing her service to point out that she 1) said wrong, and 2) doesn’t get why it’s a big deal.

    And, honestly, I am disgusted by the Sun as much as anyone. But, please, leave the non sequitur hyperbole to the other guys. It’s unseemly.

  2. C R Krieger says:

    I wonder if I am “the other guys”?

    But, regarding Ambassador Rice, who I have been defending, I am wondering if it isn’t so much that she is being “Swift Boated” as she is being PT Boated.

    I agree with those who think Senator McCain should have gone after the President directly for supervising an Administration that either (1) couldn’t get its story straight (President says it was a terrorist attack and the SecState and Press Secretary say it was a demonstration turned riot due to “the video”) or (2) was dissembling in order to hide something from the American Public in general and the US Congress in particular.  There is the Jack Mitchell theory that legitimate national security concerns dictated the obscuration of the event, but to pick a cover story that leads to abuse of the First Amendment shows a decided lack of insight.  Unless, of course, attacks were being invited.

    If Ambassador Susan Rice is nominated it won’t be her Five TV Station Sunday Tour that will be questioned, so much as it will be the rest of her record.  Legitimate questions exist in that arena.

    As for Benghazi, she was just following her talking points.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  3. jdayne says:

    The only thing “wrong” with Susan Rice’s qualification to be Sec of State is John Kerry’s unvarnished ambition for the position. I fear he’s the silent captain of that Swift Boat. Irks me no end since, after Dean’s defeat, my husband and I went to Presque Isle ME and door knocked for Kerry up to the day of the election when we poll watched. He took Presque Isle by ~70 votes. Now I think he’s being the mean spirited guy I saw during the Dean/Kerry primaries and he’s lost my vote and support for good.