US Senate race results compared

In yesterday’s election, Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren overwhelmingly defeated Republican incumbent Scott Brown by an eight percentage point margin. Statewide, Warren received 1,678,176 (54%) votes to Brown’s 1,449,039 (46%). Warren won Lowell by 5723 votes receiving 19,678 to 13,905.

To put this in historical perspective, I compared those statistics to those from US Senate races in 1994 and 1996. In 1994, Mitt Romney challenged Ted Kennedy. Kennedy defeated Romney 1,266,011 to 894,005. In Lowell, Kennedy received 14,166 to Romney’s 8079.

Two years later, Republican governor Bill Weld challenged John Kerry. Kerry received 1,334,345 votes to Weld’s 1,142,837. In Lowell, Kerry won 13,781 votes to 11,267 for Weld.

I’ve also added stats for all offices that were on the ballot yesterday.

2 Responses to US Senate race results compared

  1. Joe S says:

    You apparently have a typo in your statewide numbers – the ratio (of 1,603,045 to 1,114,077) is much higher than 54/46, and the total should exceed 3M.