John A. Goodwin ~ professor, historian, activist

I just posted some comments and the obituary of John A. Goodwin on the Lowell Historical Society blog site. The Society will be doing a tribute to John and his contributions to the community in the Fall Newsletter. The Greater Lowell community suffered a great loss with John’s passing and that of Catherine just a year ago. They touched and inspired so many. Rest in peace – John and Catherine.

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2 Responses to John A. Goodwin ~ professor, historian, activist

  1. PaulM says:

    When we think about the history/heritage revival in Lowell since the early 1970s, the Goodwins, Catherine and John, are towering examples of engaged citizens, people who kept the Lowell story alive at the same time that they were helping to preserve the story for future generations. I always thought of them as classic New Englanders, steeped in the culture of this place, exhibiting a town-meeting activism in all phases of their lives, and living a blend of Yankee intellectualism and no-nonsense self-reliance.