Bread & Roses Centennial (1912-2012) on Facebook and Web

Congratulations to the Bread & Roses Centennial committee in Lawrence for a massive success in the use of social media. On Facebook, the organization’s page has 1,081 followers (LIKES), which is an extraordinary number for a local history initiative. This is not Ashton Kutcher in Hollywood, but all the folks working on the yearlong Lawrence project. There are still lots of activities to come, and the stirring exhibit is still on view downtown. Here’s the link to the website. You can find the Facebook page by typing in the name. They have done a masterful job of connecting the historical issues with the current issues in our country and the world. They make the case every day about the contributions of organized labor in whatever form that might take, formal unions or informal job actions.


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  1. Bob Forrant says:

    The bilingual exhibit in the Everett Mill is open Thursday – Saturday 11:00 – 3:00 through the end of Sept, and by appt. Lots of school groups have come through, which has been exciting. Book now for Sept trips. At this point some 4500 people have visited the exhibit! Funding in part is from UMass Lowell and from the UMass president’s Office too as well as several area trade unions and foundations. The exhibit space makes a great appearance in the Boston Globe’s North section today. Thanks Paul!