Lowell’s Pollard Memorial Library ~ Board of Trustees, Friends and the Foundation

 Pollard Memorial Library  (Image by artist Janet Lambert Moore)

There’s is a golden opportunity right now for those who really support the work and the mission of the historic Pollard Memorial Library. According to a FB  post by current Trustee Marianne Gries, the City of Lowell is seeking qualified applicants for the vacant positions on the PML Board.

The City is looking for Lowell residents to fill vacancies on the Pollard Memorial Library Board of Trustees and the Immigration Assistance Commission. If you’re interested, you can email Donna McIntosh at dmcintosh@lowellma.gov for more information. You can send her a resume and cover letter at that email address.

I am thrilled to be on the Library’s Board of Trustees – it’s a great group of people and I am hugely passionate about the important role public libraries play in the community. The freedom to read and to have unfettered access to information are cornerstones of democracy and libraries are at the forefront of that.

The library is also a treasure trove of awesome free programming; free books, e-books, magazines, movies, and music; free film screenings and author readings; free museum passes; free computer access and classes; and it has an amazing art collection.

From the City of Lowell web site:

Pollard Memorial Library Board of Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees have responsiblity through the City of the general care,  administration, and policy making for the library.  The Board engages in an ongoing planning process, which assesses the needs of the library and the role of the library in the community and ensure that the library develops to meet those needs.   Nine (9) members, including the City Manager as ex officio President of the Board are appointed by the City Manager to a four (4) year staggered term.  City Council Confirmation is required. Statute Reference: MGL C.231 Acts 1888 Code 17-166; City Charter (1921) Sec. 28; MGL Ch. 78 , s.7-13.

There are other ways to support the Pollard Memorial Library.

Friends of the Pollard Memorial Library  You can join the Friends of the Pollard Memorial Library – check their web page here: http://www.pollardml.org/friends. I had the privlege of being one of the founding members of the Friends back in 1980 along with the iconic Lydia Howard, Miriam Gallagher, Jim Droney, Martin Fleming along with Paul and Florence Freitas. The Friends support programs that adults and particularly children use every day. Every May they organize a not-to-be-missed Book Sale! Amy Woo Skinner is the President of the Friends.

The Pollard Memorial Library Foundation  The mission of the Pollard Memorial Library Foundation is to secure the additional funding necessary to ensure that the library achieves its goal of excellence in providing service to the citizens of the Greater Lowell Community through the next century. Check the PML website for more information about the Foundation: http://www.pollardml.org/index.html

For more information about the history of Lowell’s public library check this link: http://www.pollardml.org/libhistory.html

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  1. Nancy P says:

    Thanks Marie for posting this – It is a great group of people as Marianne commented. I also put it out in an e-mail to the Non Fiction Book Club and one of the regulars is interested.