Climate Action at City Hall, 5/5

A Note from Jay Mason:

Please join me for an event in collaboration with the climate action group this Saturday, 5/5 at Lowell City Hall at 10:30 am. It would be fantastic if you could make it (see flyer, attached). We need your participation in a photo to be taken in front of city hall to show support for Environmental Justice in the form of a photo entry on the website. Called “Connect the Dots,” this event will join communities world-wide with photos which together will connect the dots of erratic weather patterns and other similar and likewise strange behaviors which point to the problem of global warming. The Connect the Dots campaign will provide a backdrop to the need to reduce carbon emissions (currently in excess of 385ppm) with a positive message of hope and determination. Themphoto will be taken at 11:00am and a film is scheduled for 11:30am in the Mayor’s Reception Room. Light refreshments will be served.  This photo, set against the backdrop of our venerable city hall steps, will be testimony to the energy and optimism that was at the core of a revolution here in Lowell 180 years ago. Assembled with photo images from around the globe, Connect the Dots will show that our time to make dramatic change is upon us and that there is a common thread that links the people and places who stand ready to make a difference. I hope you and your fifty closest friends will join me on Saturday, 5/5 at 10:30am at Lowell City Hall. If you’d be willing to help with set up or light refreshments please let me know. Thanks and peace, Jay Mason

For more information contact or call Jay at 978-459-2004