1912: A very interesting year

When studying history, some years seem more interesting than others. As comedian Robin Williams famously said, “If you remember the 1970s, you weren’t there.” One year deserving of additional scrutiny may be 1912. Just in the month of April you had the sinking of the Titanic and the opening of Fenway Park, two occurrences that may seem more closely connected to Red Sox fans than to everyone else.

But 1912 wasn’t just a year of luxury liners and baseball stadiums. It was also a year of labor unrest. Most already know that the famous Bread and Roses Strike occurred in Lawrence one hundred years ago. Not as many realize that Lowell had its own strike that year. This evening beginning with a reception at 5:30 pm at the Boott Cotton Mills Museum at 115 John Street in Lowell, a consortium of organizations will host a program on the Lowell Textile Strike of 1912. Included in the evening will be a discussion of the lessons of the strike that may be applicable today.