Mass Memories in Lowell

The Mass Memories Road Show, a statewide community history project operated by UMass Boston set up shop in Lowell today at the Tsongas Industrial History Center within the Boott Cotton Mills Museum. More than 100 Lowell residents brought vintage and current photographs to be scanned, archived, and made available on the web as part of this project. Lowell was the 50th community that’s been visited by Mass Memories, so there are just 301 more to go. In the photo above, John Quealey chats with a team of scanner operators and in the photo below, one of the Lowell participants tells the story of her photograph on video. Both the photos and the videos of the stories by contributors will be available on the Mass Memories website within a week or two. As soon as they are, we’ll do another post about it.

One Response to Mass Memories in Lowell

  1. John Quealey says:

    I brought pictures of the So. Lowell explosion taken 45 minutes after the tradgedy on July 29, 1903. Aslo. Pictures of the sixth arch brdge taken later that day.
    I also brought pictures of the Sacred Heart, convent, church, schools and rectory. The pictures were taken for the 50th anniversary of the church in 1934. The new convent was built years later.