Lowell Cemetery Tour dates

James C Ayer monument, Lowell Cemetery

We have just set the dates for this Spring’s tours of Lowell Cemetery. In a major departure from recent practice, I’ve decided to split the cemetery in two for touring purposes, covering the Lawrence Street side in the spring and the Knapp Avenue/Shedd Park side in the fall. There will be some overlap between the two tours but most of the content will be different. The reason for doing this is that there’s just so much to talk about at the Lowell Cemetery. Realistically, the tours can’t go much longer than 90 minutes so rather than omit interesting stuff, I thought it better to do the tour in two parts. So if you’ve already done a tour with me during the last three years, consider coming again this spring because you’ll see a lot of new stuff.

The dates for the Spring 2012 tours, all of which will begin at the Lawrence Street Gate of the Lowell Cemetery, are as follows:

Friday – May 4 at 1 pm
Saturday – May 5 at 10 am

Friday – May 18 at 1 pm
Saturday – May 19 at 10 am