In Tewksbury ~ Change of Voting Locations and Precinct Maps

 Town Library  – Precincts 4 & 4A   (photo from Town of Tewksbury website)

In a move announced by mail by the Town Clerk and sanctioned by the Board of Selectmen, some Tewksbury voters will again be moving to a new location to cast their ballots. The former Town Clerk had consolidated the voting sites to two handicapped-accessible sites – the new Senior Center on Chandler Street and the fairly new Public Library also on Chandler Street but adjacent to Route 38. It was a move that proved to be controversial with some and did see a bit of a log-jam with snow piles and an outpouring of voters for the special election for the U. S. Senate back in January, 2010.

 Tewksbury Senior Center – Precincts 1 & 2 (photo from the Tewksbury Patch)

In an information sheet tucked into the 2012 Census Form envelope, voters learned that Precincts 3 and 3A will be casting ballots at the Lowell Assembly of God Church on Andover Street/Rte. 133 and Precincts 2 and 2A will vote at the Recreation Center on Livingston Street.  Added to the Clerk’s voter information notice – with redistricting at the most local level completed – was a list of fifty streets that have precinct changes.

Tewksbury residents and registered voters need to carefully check the Census mailer for this important information. Also, mail back the Census form ASAP.

 Recreation Center – Precincts 2 & 2A (photo from the Tewksbury Patch)

 Lowell Assembly of God Church – Precincts 3 & 3A (photo from church website)



One Response to In Tewksbury ~ Change of Voting Locations and Precinct Maps

  1. Christine Pondelli says:

    Voters shouldn’t be mandated to walk into any place of worship in order to exercise their civil right to vote.

    Religious imagery, messages, and dogma should be conferred to those who actually want to receive it, not on a captive voting audience. And if on polling day the communications aren’t overt, they are indeed implicit.

    This church has been trying to drum up business for years, and the town of Tewksbury Board of Selectman just handed them free publicity and access to thousands of people who would not have otherwise ventured through its doors.

    This choice privileges Christianity explicitly, because my bet is that a suggestion to have polling places in a mosque, atheist or wiccan center would have been rejected hands down.

    No thank you. I’ll choose to exercise my right to cast my votes through absentee ballots.
    – Maybe if enough of us choose this option, someone will get the message.