‘The Strand’ by Richard Marion

Here’s a memory painting of a night scene at the movies on Central Street in Lowell: “The Strand” by Richard Marion (c) 2012

See more artwork at www.richardmarion.net

Here’s a link to Nancye Tuttle’s museum exhibition brochure about the movie theaters in Lowell. Her 1993 exhibit was called “Picture It: Lowell Goes to the Movies.”

2 Responses to ‘The Strand’ by Richard Marion

  1. nancye tuttle says:

    Doing the exhibit on Lowell’s old movie theaters 19 years ago opened my eyes to that great slice of Lowell history now long gone. Ted Panos of the Athenian Corner has pointed out to me that there was another theater located on the corner of Market and Shattuck streets, where the Athenian parking lot is located today. That one never came up in the extensive research I did for the exhibit and brochure. All of the artifacts from the exhibit, including a program and tickets from the Strand’s opening, plus many photos, are now in the possession of the Lowell Historical Society, in case anyone wants to dabble into this selection of Lowell memorabilia….