In the Merrimack Valley: Dangerous Drive Route 114

There is an article in today’s Eagle Tribune on what the headline writer calls “accident alley” – Route 114 in North Andover. It is a busy road carrying all manner of traffic – at all times of the day and night. The area is layered with commerce, eateries, office parks, business, service and medical destinations. It houses the extensive campus of Merrimack College. It marks a crossroads of convergence and access from city to town to suburb and the rural – from local and side roads, parking lots and driveways to highways and by-ways. So many of us in the Valley access that area regularly – including me as it’s where three of my docs practice – that I thought a reminder of the importance of driving carefully was worth calling attention to the article.

The lessons on driving safely, paying attention, following the rules of the road, noting the particular hazards of a roadway, being courteous, having patience, avoiding the distractions of phone calls and texting and wearing your seatbelt hold true whether driving on Route 114, Route 495, Andover Street or on the Hunts Falls Bridge.

Read the Alex Bloom article “Accident alley: Rte. 114 turns from rural to deadly” here at