Armand Mercier, RIP

A picture of Armand P. Mercier who passed away today. Armand is in the front right of this photo wearing a blue sports jacket and a great smile. Joining him in the photo are the members of the Lowell City Council elected in November 1999 on Inauguration Day in January 2000. Front row from left: Rita Mercier, Mayor Eileen Donoghue, Armand Mercier. Back row from left: Rithy Uong, Rodney Elliott, William Martin, Bud Caulfield, Richard Howe, Dan Tenczar. In terms of electoral longevity, Richard Howe had first been elected in 1965; Bud Caulfield in 1987; Rita Mercier and Eileen Donoghue both in 1995; Armand Mercier and Rodney Elliott in 1997; and Bill Martin, Rithy Uong and Dan Tenczer had been on the council for about 75 minutes when this photo had been taken.

During this past fall’s council campaign, I attended three neighborhood candidate forums and recorded video of each candidate’s opening and closing statements. You can see Armand’s of September 8, September 21, and October 3, herehere – and here. Finally, the clip below is from the October 20, 2009 council meeting which marked Armand’s return from an illness.


4 Responses to Armand Mercier, RIP

  1. George DeLuca says:

    Thank you Dick … suddenly the experience of holding sign and chatting next to Armand’s nephew George on election day this past Nov. 8 has more poignancy as we chatted about Armand’s renewed motivation to run and took a trip down memory lane.

    I’m sure Patrick Murphy will be pleased to know that his sign was waved next to Armand’s at the ward 2 poll on Arcand Drive. These were the only 2 signs for quite awhile. I wish there was a picture for reasons that some may understand. RIP Armand. Thank you for your service to the City of Lowell.

  2. John Quealey says:

    Armand Mercier was born in South Lowell, which is in the boundaries of the Secred Heart parish. the sacred Heart church and St. Maries were merged to form the Holy Family Parish. Talking with Armand Mercier (R.I.P.) he told me he was born in South Lowell which starts at the Riverside School and goes to the end of Lowell on Wobun St.

  3. Fred Faust says:

    Armand was a good friend and mentor during my Lowell Historic Preservation Commission days. He could cross the gulf between the old and new Lowell. He had innate political sense and managed a smile when most others responded with a snarl or hard words. Lowell was his family and Armand was a family man. Armand in many ways epitomized Lowell; streetwise, hard working, pride and a love of politics – but all for a purpose – to advance his city and to create opportunities for future generations. Rest in peace Mr. Mayor.

  4. John Quealey says:

    Armand Mercier was born on Woburn St. on the Wiggenville South Lowell line. In th shawdows of the Riverside School.