A Year Ago…

I took this photo a year ago trying to give a sense of that crazy winter weather to family and friends living in Florida and elsewhere. Remnants of the snowfall of December 26, 2010 through January, February, March and April of 2012 lasted well into Spring.

2 Responses to A Year Ago…

  1. DickH says:

    Here are some notes I found from last January:

    Jan 12 – 20 inches of snow; schools closed;
    Jan 18 – snow, no school
    Jan 21 – snow, no school
    Jan 27 – snow, no school
    Feb 1 – snow, no school
    Feb 2 – no school

    I hope that’s not what lies in store for us

  2. Joan Huot says:

    So – I’m a little late Marie – but that picture is worthy of framing. It’s beautiful,.