Happy New Year: ‘Take-Out’ by Richard Marion


This one is for everyone who will be ordering Chinese food for New Year’s Eve.

“Take-Out” by Richard Marion (c) 2011

See more artwork at www.richardmarion.net

2 Responses to Happy New Year: ‘Take-Out’ by Richard Marion

  1. DickH says:

    I’ve often quizzed folks about the origin of Chinese food on New Year’s Eve. My unscientific research suggests this is a purely Lowell thing. Thanks to Facebook, I do have a theory as to where it came from though. Last weekend, a number of my Jewish friends posted FB updates about their participation in the long standing Jewish tradition of dining at a Chinese restaurant and then going to the movies on Christmas Day. I’ve found that any time someone utters the words “Chinese food” within earshot, I immediately get a craving for it. With New Year’s Eve following Christmas by only a week, I wonder if the Chinese on New Year’s Eve is a community-wide example of the power of suggestion.

  2. janice says:

    I have this piece of art in my home. We picked it up at an consignment shop in NH. It appealed to my husband and I right away, lots of bright colors, ink with splashes of watercolors, orange, teal, soft green and lavender in the sky above. We enjoy it every day.