In the Merrimack Valley: Rumors of a Romero Removal

The Eagle-Tribune writer Mark E. Vogler is reporting this morning that rumors coming from a neighborhood meeting that Mayor William Lantigua and perhaps some City Councilors are planning to oust Lawrence Police Chief John Romero have riled many in the rank and file as well as the superior officers. A note in the  monthly newsletter by Mount Vernon Neighborhood Association Frank Incropera warned city residents of  a plan instigated by the mayor to get rid of Chief John Romero. Incropera described Romero as one of “very few bright lights that actually care about the city among those in power.” Romero told the Eagle Tribune that he had heard “rumors and rumblings.”  A comments from Lawrence City Council President Frank Moran downplayed reports of any plan to remove Romero or seek a vote of no confidence against him – calling them “rumors” and “speculation.” At-large councilors Dan Rivera and Roger Twomey – both from District E – say that “the chief’s performance has been exemplary.” Both denied telling Incropera of a plot to remove Romero. Councily Eileen Bernal – also of District E – supports the chief –  noting  that “my constituents seem to be very happy with him.”

Chief Romero has held his position since 1999 and seen by most as a high quality professional who is committed to the citezens of Lawrence and their safety. Stay tuned as this new situation in the annual of the city of Lawrence plays out.

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One Response to In the Merrimack Valley: Rumors of a Romero Removal

  1. Joan Huot says:

    Will some one puhlease find a way to get rid of Lantigua. He’s the one that needs to go. Romero has done pretty good withwhat little he has . He is a true professional.