Pres. Candidate Huntsman’s Daughters at UMass Lowell, 12/19

These young women have drawn attention for their creative campaigning for their dad, including their spoof of the Herman (Who?) Cain man-smoking-a-cigarette political ad. After Mitt Romney’s $10,000 bet with Tex Perry at last night’s debate and Newt’s splurging surge, maybe Jon Huntsman will finally get his 15 minutes in the GOP expo.—PM

From the UMass Lowell Public Affairs Office:

“Meet the  daughters of former Utah Gov. and GOP Presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman and learn what it’s like to campaign for a parent and to participate in this important political process. There will be an audience Q & A. This special Student Forum is hosted by UMass Lowell’s Center for Public Opinion and the Boston Herald and is open to the public.”

The event is set for Monday, Dec. 19, 12 noon to 1.30 pm, in O’Leary Library Auditorium, Room 222, 61 Wilder St., UMass Lowell South Campus. Parking is available in the Visitor Lot on Wilder.