Charles Blow of NYT: ‘Occupy’ = Cool

With more polls showing the public sympathizes with the general goals of the “Occupy” movement, Charles Blow of the NYTimes today takes a cultural cut at the activity to try to figure out why this thing isn’t going away quickly. He suggests that it has attained that mysterious quality of “cool,” which is a powerful asset when advocates are still expanding the business, so to speak, even if the business looks more like a bunch of pushcarts in the town square. Being seen to be in favor of fairness and more equal sharing of the wealth is becoming the place to be. Maybe it’s always been the place to be, and that old Michael Douglas “Wall Street” screenplay line, “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good,” was never really where Americans are at. How many politicians have said, “We are a generous  nation”—? And we want to believe that we are. Read Blow here, and get the NYT on your porch or online if you want more.