Another Redistricting Scenario – Olver vs McGovern?

In today’s Boston Globe, senior writer Frank Phillips offers another scenario for redistricting the current ten congressional districts down to nine.  While recent chatter had Stephen Lynch (Ninth District) and newbie Bill Keating (Tenth District)  going head to head, the latest speculation has western Massachusetts veteran Congressman John Olver’s far-reaching First District drawn into Jim McGovern’s Third District. While the Redistricting Commission co-chair State Senator Stan Rosenberg mentions the desire to realign some districts with a current look of gerrymandering, some see Olver’s age and his spouse’s health as a factors as well. No mention in this article of the Fifth District, so it may well stay intact as Congresswoman Tsongas and most of her constituents hope.

Read the full article here at Look for the Congressional District proposal and official map to be released in a week or so. The deadline is fast approaching.