Kevin Landrigan’s View – 2012 NH Primary Landscape

Former Lowell Sun scribe and longtime political writer for the Nashua Telegraph, Kevin Landrigan has covered many a New Hampshire Presidential Primary Race cycle – for Democrats as well as Republicans. In his column today Landrigan sees the current GOP race as a “hurry up and wait” season. He describes and divides the various periods of the race this way: the Ames Straw Poll;  the Perry Pause; the Huntsman Hunt; the Early Debate-a-thon; and the Hamlet Impersonations. And then there’s the biggest  factor in this hurry-up-and-wait season and that’s  “the 800-pound gorilla in this N.H. GOP primary field” – former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  The WMUR-TV poll released Friday shows  Romney still holding a 3-1 lead over the field with 42 percent to flavor of the week Herman Cain’s 13 percent with 11 percent for Paul, 8 percent for Huntsman and Perry with 6 percent.  Landrigan’s take on this political season is interesting and experienced.

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2 Responses to Kevin Landrigan’s View – 2012 NH Primary Landscape

  1. DougD says:

    Your subtle putdown of Hermain Cain as “flavor of the week warrants a response..

    The Republican primary process will yield a candidate of substance not an eternal campaigner with no leadership skills. And the Presidential election will give all of us someone who can serve the Country and run the Office. This won’t be our current President who has show only the ability to run for office.