In the Merrimack Valley: State Says School Committee Needs Schooling

According to Mark E. Vogler’s  article in today’s  Eagle Tribune – the state Department of Elementary & Secondary Education presented their “District Review” to the Lawrence School Committee last week.  The review is apparently replete with findings  that members of the Lawrence School Committee and the  committee Chair – Mayor William Lantigua – need training, coaching and instruction on how to do their jobs. Highlighting the area of   “Leadership and Governance”  – the independent consultant review team was looking for accountability, understanding of the importance of the role of the school committee,  leadership, effective governance and informed policy decision making. The committee was deemed “in a state of confusion” – in need of  remediation.

The report recommended Mayor Lantigua consult with education officials to find training and assistance for him and the rest of the committee.

“It is suggested that the chair work individually with a coach to help him effectively execute his role and responsibilities as school committee chair and the tools available to him to control and redirect inappropriate behavior by any member,” the report suggested.

School Committee members should participate as a group in “retraining,” which would include how members will interact with employees and with each other and “what the boundaries of their roles will be.”

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