Markets Dive

Here’s the latest on today’s stock market dive from NYTimes.

Could investors be signalling that it is time for action and that doing nothing is not an option? I heard one analyst on the radio saying that experts and politicians claimed they were caught by surprise in 2008 when Wall Street came apart—but that they have no excuse this time around.

Meanwhile, today the President was in Ohio drawing attention to a big broken-down bridge that is just the kind of jobs project that he wants Congress to fund. Will Congress, specifically the US House, act on his infrastructure plan and other initiatives that he has put forward?

One Response to Markets Dive

  1. Bob Forrant says:

    Congress and the President continue to fiddle and diddle while more and more people lose their jobs and homes, suffer catastrophic health care costs, wrack up college debt at what can only be considered criminal levels, and our cities are faced with massive debts to support badly needed public services. But, cheer up, soon the malls will be decorated with Christmas trees and Santas and we will all be made to feel inadequate if we don’t spend a bilillion dollars on crap we don’t need.

    Blech – double blech!