Snapshot in Time: Elizabeth Warren Edges Scott Brown

The  Policy Policy Polling (PPP)  firm – with a track record of being right –  gives  us a snapshot in time in the possible Elizabeth Warren versus Scott Brown match-up for U. S. Senate in 2012. Noting that the poll was taken over the weekend right after a week of positive press for Elizabeth Warren’s entry into the race, the pollsters allow that the timing gave her a bounce that may recede some in the coming weeks. From the PPP report:

Warren’s gone from 38% name recognition to 62% over the last three months and she’s made a good first impression on pretty much everyone who’s developed an opinion about her during that period of time. What was a 21/17 favorability rating in June is now 40/22- in other words she’s increased the voters with a positive opinion of her by 19% while her negatives have risen only 5%.

The surprising movement toward Warren has a lot to do with her but it also has a lot to do with Scott Brown. We now find a slight plurality of voters in the state disapproving of him- 45%, compared to only 44% approving. We have seen a steady decline in Brown’s numbers over the last 9 months. In early December his approval was a +24 spread at 53/29. By June it had declined to a +12 spread at a 48/36. And now it’s continued that fall to its current place.



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