BBC News Visits U Mass Lowell / Queens College Dig in County Tyrone

The Hugh Cummisky Homestead in County Tyrone from the Lowell Irish website

On this blog we have followed the joint archaeological dig project between U Mass Lowell and Queens College in Belfast, Ireland. The project began last year with a dig on land in the front yard St. Patrick’s Church in Lowell’s Acre and continued this past summer in Crossan town, County Tyrone, Ireland. The project involves students, faculty and staff of both institutions along with local historian David McKean.

BBC Newsline correspondent Louise Cullen visited the dig at Crossan near Dromore and interviewed both McKean and Queens professor Dr. Colm Donnelly. The site is the homestead of Hugh Cummiskey as she describes him – “a renowned Irish emigrant to the USA.”

Follow this link and see her interview and visit with the dig team.