Severe Clear

Just back from the morning dog-walk in the South Common under a sky that is not quite as crystalline clear as it was ten years ago, but close in its blue from east to west. With the late summer rain the grass is as green and thick as you would want to see in early September. At 6.30 am, the Common was quieter than it is on a weekday. A few people moved through on their way to or from the train station.

Today from 1 pm to 4 pm, Jack and Jim Neary and compatriots from the school yard at Sacred Heart will be playing their annual baseball game for the 30th year in a row. This year is special because the Sunday game coincides with the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Today’s game is a benefit for struggling veterans who are assisted by the Senior Corps of Community Teamwork Inc. The living legend Micky Ward is throwing out the first pitch.

Go to Jack’s blog, “Shards,” to see how you can donate by check or credit card. The goal is to raise $5,000, but they are not going to stop there if the contributions keep flowing in.  And I’m sure you can show up at Shedd this afternoon with a check made out to Senior Corps at Community Teamwork or a $20 bill for the cause.

Jack Neary

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  1. Jim Neary says:

    Thank you, Paul. The ceremony and the game were great successes. We met our $5000 goal thanks to some wonderfully generous people. The final score was Sacred Heart Gold defeating Sacred Heart Blue 8-7. Tom Hickey got the win for the SH gold squad and a superb time was enjoyed by all. Thanks again.

    Jim Neary