Ogonowski Family Remembers

Captain John Ogonowski Memorial Preservation Farmland, Dracut Massachusetts

In today’s Nashua Telegraph staff writer Albert McKeon recounts the thoughts and memories of Peggy Hatch – the widow of John Ogonowski of Dracut – pilot of Flight 11 on September 11, 2001 – and his brother Jim. After ten years, life goes on but life both changed and challenged. McKeon opens his article linking John Ogonowski to the land and the sky…

The sky can’t hide on the open expanse of White Gate Farm.

The 120-acre farmstead stands at the highest elevation not just in Dracut, Mass., but in all of Middlesex County. Little seems to separate sky from soil.

John Ogonowski had that rare opportunity to work both ends – land and air.

He toiled the ground and supported others in the trade, including hosting immigrant Cambodian farmers on his property.

And every few days, the 50-year-old put aside his work shirt and jeans for a pilot’s uniform. He captained transcontinental flights for American Airlines…

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