Pollard Library non-fiction bookclub – too much reality

A message on my home answering machine alerted me that the book I had ordered had arrived. The call was just in time because even though I had forgotten the title of the book, I knew the Pollard Memorial Library book club meeting was next week (Thursday, September 1 at 630 pm in the library’s ground floor community room – open to all). After work today, I dropped in to the circulation desk and asked for my book. The clerk returned with it, saying “this is timely.” The book? “Sudden Sea: The Great Hurricane of 1938” by R.A. Scotti. So I’m off to read about what might be in store for us this weekend.

One Response to Pollard Library non-fiction bookclub – too much reality

  1. Nancy P says:

    When we voted to read Sudden Sea this September, we all remarked that September is prime hurricane month in New England – we thought the book an appropriate choice! Little did we know how appropriate. i have talked to many family members and friends about what they know of the ’38 hurricane. There are many pictures and information on the web about that storm. On a recent visit to Providence RI, we took a picture of the high water plaque marking the height of the water in downtown Providence. There is also an outdoor kiosk with pictures and information about the hurricanes that have hit Providence.