Lowell City Councilor Descoteaux Will Not Run for Reelection

While I’m not surprised that a candidate pulled out of the Lowell City Council race, I didn’t expect it to be Franky Descoteaux. Two open seats on the City Council will really change the election dynamic! Councilor Descoteaux has certainly made a difference on the City Council.

Just posted on the Lowell Sun breaking news site:

LOWELL — First-term City Councilor Franky Descoteaux announced Thursday morning that she will withdraw her candidacy for a second term.

Descoteaux, who pulled and returned papers to run for a second term just prior to the filing deadline earlier this month, said in an e-mailed statement she feels a greater duty to focus on her family and children.

The downtown business owner’s announcement means the city will no longer have to hold a preliminary election in September.

One Response to Lowell City Councilor Descoteaux Will Not Run for Reelection

  1. PaulM says:

    Thank you, Councilor Descoteaux, for taking your turn. That’s the way a representative democracy is supposed to work. People offer to serve, and voters select their representatives. This voter appreciates your representation and effort since January 2010.