Farewell, Nick A. Mastas, 100 Years Old

There’s an extraordinary obituary in the SUN today, a capsule history of 100 years in the life of Nick Mastas of Lowell. Read the obit here, and get the SUN if you want more. He was born in the back of a buggy, fought as a Ranger in WWII, and worked at the Post Office and Merrimack Mills.

Nick was a member of the former St. Peter’s Parish and the oldest living member of The Greek American Legion. He was a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees. The first Yankees games he attended was in 1928 at Yankee Stadium, a doubleheader against Washington on a Sunday, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were in the lineups. He loved animals, especially his dogs.


One Response to Farewell, Nick A. Mastas, 100 Years Old

  1. Kosta says:

    I first heard Tony Sampas remark something like “when a person dies, it’s like a library burning”. People like Mr. Mastas have much to tell us. We let him go.