Keating vs Lynch: Jousting For That Last Seat?

Chris Cillizza columnist for the Washington Post and commentator for MSNBC just sent out his “Afternoon Fix” update on politics and Washington suggesting hot items, issues and incidents to watch for… Today he’s targeting among other things the possible match-up of Congressman Stephen Lynch and frosh Congressman Bill Keating as the answer to the Massachusetts Congressional redistricting dilemna.

* Another intraparty battle is brewing thanks to redistricting. Democrats might draw the Massachusetts map so that Reps. William Keating and Stephen Lynch are duking it out for the same seat. It would make sense: Keating has the least seniority in the delegation, and Lynch made a lot of enemies by voting against the health-care bill.

Cillizza sends the reader to an article in the local Dorchester Reporter that covers the questioning by WCVB/Channel 5 political reporter Janut Wu as she interviewed Rep. Michael Moran (D-Brighton) co-chair of the Joint Commission on Redistricting for the Sunday news show “On the Record.” Moran gave this answer to a query about a possible Lynch – Keating matchup:

MORAN: I think the people who are talking that way are probably getting that from — we have five Congressmen that sit in very powerful positions. We have a woman in Niki Tsongas; we have the Eighth Congressional District, which is the majority minority district. So if you take all those, and you consider those are the ones we have to keep, you’re left with Congressman Lynch, Congressman Keating and Congressman Tierney. And just by geography, Congressman Lynch and Congressman Keating seem to be the two that have to run against – if you use that as the principles. So that I think is where that is coming from.

WU: And is that a principle that’s sort of guiding you at this point?

MORAN: It’s one of many.

Read the full Dorchester Report article here.

The 6 O’Clock News on Channel 5 tonight played the Moran clip. It certainly should interest those wanting to “Keep the Fifth Intact.”

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