In the Merrimack Valley: Recall Leader Thinks Numbers Could Be Short… But

The Eagle Tribune is reporting that Wayne Hayes – a leader in the effort to recall Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua – has e-mailed supporters that not enough signature on the recall petition will be certified. Hayes, however, is confident that the group can challenge these rejections and win.

LAWRENCE — Leaders of the campaign to oust Mayor William Lantigua expect to fall short of the minimum 5,232 voter signatures needed to force a recall election when election officials announce the total of certified signatures later today.

But they hope they will ultimately prevail by challenging decisions to throw out some of the signatures because of discrepancies in the addresses listed on the recall petitions.

The number of certified signatures will be announced by election officials at a meeting of the Board of Registrars today at 5 p.m.

“The numbers will come up short,” Wayne Hayes, one of the recall leaders said this morning. “But we can challenge that. I believe we have that opportunity.”

In an email to recall supporters last night, Hayes said organizers believe many signatures were rejected because those who signed have moved since they registered to vote and listed their current address instead of the one on the voter rolls.

Hayes said he sent the email to reassure supporters that the group is not giving up. In the end, he said, “I think we’re going to be very close or on the money.”

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