Lowell’s Recent History to be Revealed by Paul Marion

Paul Marion Photo from a recent Yankee Magazine article “Paul Marion: Poetry, community outreach, and a great love for his city”

Today’s Sun has a story about fellow blogger Paul Marion and his “on assignment” role with Lowell National Historical Park to write a modern history of Lowell. Paul is a well-known and highly regarded writer, poet and longtime cultural activist and community historian who serves as the Executive Director of Community and Cultural Affairs and Co-Director of the Center for Arts and Ideas at UMass Lowell. In describing the project – LNHP Deputy Superintendent Peter Aucella notes:

Until now though, there hasn’t been an all-inclusive account of the people and partnerships it took to preserve the city’s history, said Peter Aucella, superintendent of the Lowell National Historical Park.
Marion’s new book will change that.

“Paul knows Lowell well and was around as the history unfolded,” Aucella said. “He is a writer, a poet, and has a good command of the interpretive themes of the park, but also the modern history of the park.”

Read more about Paul Marion and his task of writing about Lowell’s recent historical past here at lowellsun.com.

The Yankee Magazine article is available here.

One Response to Lowell’s Recent History to be Revealed by Paul Marion

  1. Kosta says:

    This is great Paul. The hard part will be in figuring out how to put yourself in the story, since you were there from the beginning, a positive Zelig. And how to pound out those 4 pages a day “atop the Underwood” – one year for 200 pages. :)