More on Lowell Folk Festival

Marie posted on the Globe article today about folk festivals in Lowell and Newport, R.I. Here are a couple of more soundbites from the James Reed article:

Last year the Steep Canyon Rangers, a bluegrass band that has recorded and been on the road lately with Steve Martin, did double duty. They played a solo gig at Lowell, and then a week later they kicked off Newport with a concert backing Martin. Lead singer Woody Platt says performing at Newport was obviously an honor, but Lowell was another kind of experience.

“Being a bluegrass band, we’re often playing festivals that focus mainly on bluegrass,’’ Platt says. “I just loved the diversity in Lowell. We followed a reggae band, and it was great. The diversity of that festival and all of the genres that fall under the word folk, it’s really refreshing. I think it gives the festival attendee a lot more to look forward to. And when you have a diverse lineup, you have a diverse audience.’’ . . .

“I think the two festivals really represent the roots and branches of folk music, with Lowell representing the roots and Newport the branches,’’ says Posner. “But one generation’s branches are the next generation’s roots, and it shouldn’t be too long until we hear a bluegrass band at Lowell covering the Decemberists or Elvis Costello.’’