Lowell Irish on the Lowell Blogging Scene

Davis McKean honored by the Lowell National Historical Park & the Lowell Heritage Partnership – May 12, 2011

If you’re thinking that today might be a good time to catch up on some local blogs and recent posts, let me highly recommend the “LowellIrish” blog – created and staffed by local teacher and historian David McKean. Dave has a keen interest in the history of the Irish in Lowell, St. Patrick’s Church and St. Patrick’s Cemetery. Last May at a special ceremony Dave received special recognition from the Lowell National Historical Park and the Lowell Heritage Partnership for his commitment and research into Lowell/Irish history.

If you link to the LowellIrish site here you can learn about efforts to find and identify the over 600 graves of Lowell Civil War soldiers’ in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, read about Lowell’s first Irish Mayor John J. Donovan – who is also buried in St. Pat’s, learn about the fine Irish art of ‘keening” done in the old days at traditional Irish wakes and much more. LowellIrish is a great addition to the Lowell blogging scene.