In the Merrimack Valley: Recall Petition Ready Today

According to Lawrence City Clerk William Moloney, the petition to recall Mayor William Lantigua will be ready today. The citizen group “It’s Your Right” led by activist Reverend Edwin Rodriguez with help from others like Wayne Hayes – need to gather at least 5,232 signatures or 15 percent of the number of registered voters in the city at the time of the 2009 election before the August 8 deadline.

According to an article in today’s Eagle Tribune:

The petition would then be submitted to the City Council. After the signatures are collected, Lantigua, who became the first Hispanic Mayor in 2009, will have five days to resign or the City Council would order an election within 60 days. The ballot would ask voters whether they are for or against the recall and would include names of candidates to succeed Lantigua.

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Stay tuned.