Honoring John Adams

I just spent the last few days visiting Washington, DC and many of the wonderful monuments and museums located there. There was the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and the FDR Memorial. I didn’t make it to the John Adams Memorial, though, probably because there isn’t such a place. Despite all of his Revolutionary War era accomplishments – drafting the Massachusetts Constitution, defending the British soldiers in the Boston Massacre trial, helping to write and signing the Declaration of Independence, negotiating the treaty that ended the war, serving as our first Vice President and second President – Adams, who died 185 years ago today, has been largely forgotten on the national stage. Hopefully that’s changing. A recent article in the Washington Post decried the absence of an Adams Memorial and discussed the efforts to remedy that omission. Seeing that Adams was born, raised, worked and resided in Massachusetts for his entire life, all residents of the Commonwealth should get behind these efforts to commemorate Adams in our nation’s capital.