Lowell Hospital Chief Looks for Some Intervention

The state’s Division of Health Care Finance & Policy (DHCFP) is holding a series of presentations, speeches and panel discussions this week in regards to health care cost trends reports and cost containment efforts. Globe staff writer Liz Kowalczyk covered yesterday’s healthcare costs hearing and is reporting that some hospital chiefs see a need for government intervention with price controls on the healthcare market. While the Partners HealthCare CEO disagreed, Lowell General Hospital CEO Norm Deschene and others noted:

Norman Deschene, president of Lowell General Hospital, said his hospital is losing doctors because they can see a patient and make “$100 today with Lowell General’’ and then sign on with a better-paid competitor and make “$150 tomorrow for the same work.’’

“Some government intervention needs to take place,’’ he said.

Ellen Zane, chief executive of Tufts Medical Center, and James Roosevelt — chief executive of Tufts Health Plan, the only insurance company executive on the panel — also said they favor temporary price controls. Lowell General, MetroWest, and Tufts Medical Center are lower-paid providers, or they fall in the middle, depending on the insurer paying them.

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