Mourning Glory ~ Catherine Goodwin on the Lowell Cemetery

We lost a “local treasure” when Catherine Goodwin died last week. One of Catherine’s legacies – and there are many – is her reseach on the Lowell Cemetery. Through her tours, her book and interview with Lew Karabatsos – now on DVD, Catherine shared her love of Victorian cemetery history, symbolism, art and lore. Her revelations, history and genealogy of the city’s beautifully designed and Victorian-era inspired Lowell Cemetery has become iconic. Dick Howe, Jr. carries on her legacy currently with his many Lowell Cemetery tours for the public and interested scholars throughout the year.

Her illustrated account and the DVD are available here through the Lowell Historical Society and at the Lowell Cemetery office.

Catherine Goodwin’s obituary is avaible here.

My comments in a Lowell Sun piece by Rita Savard:

“She understood the value of social and cultural history and had such a strong passion for it,” said Marie Sweeney, Clerk for the Lowell Historical Society who [first] met Goodwin in the 1970s.

“Her passion was contagious,” Sweeney said. “That, combined with her gift of storytelling, made her an invaluable teacher. She knew how to engage a crowd and make learning so much fun.”

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