Keeping Things in Perspective

“The findings are significant as we will have to change our view on how the Sun interacts with particles, fields and gases from other stars, and this has consequences that reach down to Earth,” commented Arik Posner, Nasa’s Voyager programme scientist. reports that NASA’s Voyager spacecrafts launched in 1977 are now 14 billion kilometers from Earth and still transmitting data to scientists back home. Who says the “government” can’t do anything right? What a triumph of imagination and technology, accomplished on behalf of our collective nation.

Humans ought to be busy with this kind of work and making sure everyone has enough food, medicine, and schooling rather than wasting so much blood, time, and money on wars and conflicts over religion, territory, and resources. We are alone but together out here in space. Really, as far as we can prove. Earth. Earthlings. The blue dot. We need more voyaging in space to try to understand the cosmic neighborhood. Read the article by Jonathan Amos here.

Voyager One, Nasa

“The domain of the Sun’s influence is called the heliosphere: The Voyagers are approaching the edge of this enormous balloon of charged particles thrown out into space by our star.” (Web image courtesy of NASA via