Friedman’s Big Picture for Earth & Lowell’s Local Response

It’s been a long time since I dragged NYTimes opinion columnist Tom Friedman over to, but today’s essay in the paper bears reading because of the big-picture commentary. Without panicky hyperventilating, Friedman makes a case that we have met the Earth’s enemy, and it is us. The solution is that human behavior has got to be brought in line with ecological realities. Read his views and the quotes from experts here, and get the NYT if you want more.

Sustainability Week is coming up in Lowell (June 20-25), which is a good time to think about what can be done locally to get in balance with Nature. The array of activities being offered is excellent, from bike tours and community planning sessions to beekeeping workshops and a free concert at Tyler Park.

This weekend is Riverfest, another chance to get up close and personal with Nature in the form of the Concord River and remind ourselves what is at stake.