Remember Origin of Memorial Day ~ Exerpts from an Editorial

New Hampshire will be more and more in the news as the “would be” Republicans trek north in search of that momentum that the eventual GOP presidential nominee needs. Editorial space will soon be overcome with their antics and activities. Before the onslaught – please note some exerpts from a thoughtful and timely editorial on the origins of Memorial Day in today’s Nashua Telegraph.

…Across the region and the nation this weekend, Americans will pause to pay tribute to hundreds of thousands of other brave soldiers who also stood tall for their country but never came home.

Memorial Day traces its roots to the Civil War. To honor the Union soldiers killed in the war, Gen. John Logan, the commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, ordered their graves decorated May 30.

The Civil War remains the nation’s most deadly, claiming more than 646,000 lives north and south of the Mason-Dixon line. World War I’s death toll topped 116,000, and World War II killed 405,000…

The best way to ensure the commitment of future generations of Americans is to pay proper respect to the unselfishness of previous generations. The greatest threat to our future is a failure to honor our past.

So in between the trips to the shopping mall and hanging out in the backyard around the barbecue, take a few moments to attend a Memorial Day service or decorate a war grave. That’s a miniscule sacrifice compared to what the fallen have done for you.

Read the full editorial here at the Nashua Telegraph: