Vote “the Sistahs” as “Best Fight Scene”

South Shore native Erica McDermott tells “The Patriot Ledger” that she “really, really” wants her Ward “sistahs” to win the MTV Movie Award for Best Fight Scene! If you saw The Fighter you’ll remember the scene when Micky’s sisters took-on his girlfriend Charlene – brawling on her front porch. McDermott described the experience in the Ledger article:

The scene was shot on a 100-degree August day on a front porch in Lowell, and the actresses first went through enough stunt training and rehearsal to make every hair pull and face punch look like the real thing.

“When you watch the scene, you see we were all method acting – we were really angry,” she said. “I got out of the car ready to kick that girl’s butt.”

Check out The Patiot Ledger article and learn how you can votes for this scene and help them win this MTV Award.

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